Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage: Vol. 31

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dc.contributor.editor Senecal, Helene
dc.contributor.other Matejic, Predrag
dc.creator Matejic, Predrag
dc.creator Johnson, M.A.
dc.creator Miltenova, Anissava
dc.creator Nikolova, Svetlina
dc.creator Veder, William R.
dc.creator Joković, Miroljub 2012-06-21T20:38:19Z 2012-06-21T20:38:19Z 2012-06
dc.identifier.citation Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage, v31 (June 2012) en_US
dc.description.abstract Biannual newsletter of the Hilandar Research Library (HRL) and the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies (RCMSS), The Ohio State University. Includes features by guest contributors as well as regularly published columns, such as: "Director's Desk" by the Director of RCMSS; "HRL Journal" – where Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage asks researchers who have used the resources of the HRL in the past year to describe their experience and work; "RCMSS & HRL New Notes" reports on recent visitors, research, events, projects, updates, etc.; contributors to both the Hilandar Endowment Fund and Hilandar’s Friends of the Library Fund are listed, as are donors of "Gifts in Kind." en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents "OSU Libraries Appoints Associate Curator for HRL," p. 1; "Sixth International Hilandar Conference, The Ohio State University, 19-21 July 2013," p. 1; Director's Desk, pp. 2 and 10; "A New Digital Edition of the Codex Suprasliensis" by Anissava Miltenova, pp. 3, 9; HRL Journal, pp. 4, 5, 10: "Researching the Sermons of Ioan Exarch" by Svetlina Nikolova, pp. 4, 10, and "Run of the Mill? Hardly!" by William R. Veder, p. 5; RCMSS & HRL News Notes, pp. 6, 7, 8; "Guide to Upcoming Medieval and Slavic Workshops, Conferences and Exhibits," p. 8; "RCMSS Advisory Council Meets," p. 8; "† In Memoriam: Predrag Dragić Kijuk. Witness of Historical Memory" by Miroljub Joković, p. 10; Gifts in Kind, Donors, p. 11; Announcement of the launch of the HRL/RCMSS blog “ScriptoriaSlavica,” back cover. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Ohio State University. Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies en_US
dc.subject Sixth International Hilandar Conference (Columbus, OH) en_US
dc.subject MSSI 2013, Medieval Slavic Summer Institute en_US
dc.subject Codex Suprasliensis, digital edition en_US
dc.subject Medieval Slavic Manuscripts en_US
dc.subject Sermons of Ioan, Exarch of Bulgaria, 10th century en_US
dc.subject Paterik en_US
dc.subject Paterik Egipetskii en_US
dc.subject Paterik Azbuchno-Ierusalimskii en_US
dc.subject Lestvica of John Climacus, 6th century en_US
dc.subject Paterik Skitskii en_US
dc.subject Izbornik of Tsar Symeon en_US
dc.subject Dečani Monastery Manuscripts en_US
dc.subject Peć Monastery Manuscripts en_US
dc.subject Petrović, Danica en_US
dc.subject Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecture en_US
dc.subject Society for Slovene Studies en_US
dc.subject Dragić Kijuk, Predrag en_US
dc.subject ScriptoriaSlavica en_US
dc.subject Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery, Russia en_US
dc.title Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage: Vol. 31 en_US
dc.type Newsletter en_US