Some Things We Forgot or Didn't Know in the First Place

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Title: Some Things We Forgot or Didn't Know in the First Place
Creators: Bullock, Catherine
Advisor: Lisbon, Laura
Issue Date: 2012-06
Abstract: The aim of my project is to explore the possibilities of creating infinite or impossible spaces within the confines of relatively small objects and structures. I am navigating the challenge of this search for space by attempting to recreate various phenomena I have researched, or in most cases personally observed and documnented. A majority of these fleeting visual happenings are moments most everyone has come across at one point or another. However, they tend to go overlooked or unexperienced entirely. Through my intensive investigation, I have experimented with the potential of light and shadow to create illusions in space. In addition, the simple manipulation of the physical nature of seeing itself, in all of its liberties and limitations, can truly catapoult the observer into the abrubtly obvious state of simply not knowing, even if only for a second. I am hoping that, by eliminating context, it is possible to isolate phenomena and present and expand upon something familiar that is usually dissmissed as something entirely new and unconsidered.
Embargo: No embargo
Series/Report no.: The Ohio State University. Department of Art Undergraduate Research Theses; 2012
Keywords: Infinity
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