Fashion as Art/Art as Fashion: Is Fashion, Art?

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Title: Fashion as Art/Art as Fashion: Is Fashion, Art?
Creators: Benton, Angelique
Advisor: Cunningham, Patricia
Issue Date: 2012-03
Abstract: According to the dictionary, "art" is defined as, the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects; works so produced. While "fashion" is, to give shape or form to; alter, transform; to make or construct usually with the use of imagination and ingenuity; the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time; a garment in such a style. The definitions of "art" and "fashion" are similar. Yet, in recent years, fashion is not considered to be a form of art but is looked at as an ordinary functional quality of apparel or as a style. Previous studies have tried to tackle the problem of fashion as art but never came to any clear conclusions. Also, in the studies the researchers never created an actual art work or garment that would prove their theories. I wish to show that there is no distinction between fashion and art; fashion should be seen as an extension of art or as another art form such as painting. For my research project I do this by giving a historical background of fashion as art, sharing past and contemporary views, conducting a survey of fashion and art students, and conducting an experiment where I create my own fashion as art/art as fashion pieces. I start my experiment by first revamping a design from fashion designer, Issey Miyake in different forms: sketch, sculpture wire form, wire and paper form, and fabric form of the fashion design. Through this process I would provide an example of where and how fashion is and becomes art. To me, fashion is the act of adorning one’s self and one’s body to become "living art". I will have succeeded in merging art with fashion if my end result reflects art and fashion characteristics: can stand alone as an art work, could be seen as sculptural pieces, could be exhibited in a museum, and could possibly be worn by the viewer.
Embargo: No embargo
Series/Report no.: The Ohio State University. Department of Consumer Sciences Honors Theses; 2012
Keywords: fashion as art
art as fashion
fashion is art
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