The Price of (Perceived) Affordance: Commentary for Huron and Berec

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Title: The Price of (Perceived) Affordance: Commentary for Huron and Berec
Creators: Gjerdingen, Robert
Keywords: idiomaticism
Issue Date: 2009-07
Publisher: Empirical Musicology Review
Citation: Empirical Musicology Review, v4 n3 (July 2009), 123-125
Abstract: It is argued that the symbolic objects in music and musical scores can permit affordances much as physical objects can. This construction of "affordance" places greater emphasis on cultural forms and human memory than the original idea proposed by James J. Gibson, and it aligns itself more closely with the refinements to "affordance" suggested by Donald Norman. For symbolic objects to permit strongly perceived affordances, it may be necessary for perceivers to have developed schematized perception in the course of over-learning culturally significant forms.
ISSN: 1559-5749
Other Identifiers: EMR000075b
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