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Chemical compositions of selected minerals within Harzburgite from the Leucite Hills, Wyoming

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Title: Chemical compositions of selected minerals within Harzburgite from the Leucite Hills, Wyoming
Creators: Hageman, Mark
Advisor: Barton, Michael
Issue Date: 1986
Abstract: Four mineral forms within harzburgite of the Leucite Hills, Wyoming were analyzed using an electron microscope: 1) phlogopite xenoliths 2) phlogopite crystals within vesicles 3) clinopyroxene phenocrysts 4) olivene xenoliths. The two phlogopite forms are chemically distinct. The xenoliths are rich in Mg, but low in Ti, Al, and Fe compared to the vesicles which are very high in Ti and Al. The lack of Ti in the xenoliths indicates that this phlogopite form was not crystalized from the lava that formed the phlogopites formed within the vesicles. Parallels in the chimical composition of the phlogopite xenoliths and olivine xenoliths indicate that the phlogopite xenoliths may have formed in the upper mantle. The phlogopite crystals within the vesicles of the harzburgite are chemically similar to phlogopite phenocrysts formed from the lavas. However, the vesicle crystals show higher concentrations of Ti, Al, and Fe compared to phenocrysts analyzed by Barton (1979) and the other forms likely crystallized from the lava.
Series/Report no.: The Ohio State University. Department of Geology and Mineralogy Senior Theses; 1986
Keywords: harzburgite
Leucite Hills
Sweetwater County
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/38831
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