Volume IV: tabulated and reduced records of the Cape Denison station, Adelie Land

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Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_FrontMatter.pdf 1.566Mb PDF View/Open Cover, title page
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Contents.pdf 333.3Kb PDF View/Open Contents - p. 3-8
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_I.pdf 522.1Kb PDF View/Open Chapter I - Introductory remarks - p. 11-16
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_II.pdf 5.009Mb PDF View/Open Chapter II - The Wind - p. 17-31
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_III.pdf 2.552Mb PDF View/Open Chapter III - Atmospheric Pressure - p. 32-35
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_IV.pdf 3.036Mb PDF View/Open Chapter IV - Temperature - p. 36-43
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_V.pdf 761.8Kb PDF View/Open Chapter V - Relative Humidity - p. 44-46
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_VI.pdf 170.6Kb PDF View/Open Chapter VI - Cloud and Sunshine - p. 47-48
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_VII.pdf 264.2Kb PDF View/Open Chapter VII - Snowfall and Snowdrift - p. 49-52
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_VIII.pdf 3.960Mb PDF View/Open Chapter VIII - The Meterological Journal and Conclusion - p. 53-58
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Tables_I-VI.pdf 10.11Mb PDF View/Open Section I - The Wind, Tables I-VI - p. 62-135
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Tables_VII.pdf 3.833Mb PDF View/Open Section II - Atmospheric Pressure, Table VII - p. 136-161
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Tables_VIII-IX.pdf 3.176Mb PDF View/Open Section III - Temperature, Tables VIII-IX - p. 162-186
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Tables_X-XI.pdf 2.059Mb PDF View/Open Section IV - Humidity, Tables X-XI - p. 187-202
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Tables_XII-XIII.pdf 1.296Mb PDF View/Open Section V - Cloud and Sunshine, Tables XII-XIII - p. 203-217
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Tables_XIV-XV.pdf 165.3Kb PDF View/Open Section VI - Precipitation, Tables XIV-XV - p. 218-219
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Tables_XVI.pdf 8.087Mb PDF View/Open Section VII - Meterological Journal, Table XVI - p. 220-280
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Plates.pdf 17.86Mb PDF View/Open Part III - Plates - p. 281-326
Austral_Ant_Ex_v4_Appendix.pdf 520.5Kb PDF View/Open Appendix - p. 327

Title: Volume IV: tabulated and reduced records of the Cape Denison station, Adelie Land
Creators: Madigan, C. T.; Bassett, W. E.
Contributors: Mawson, Douglas
Subjects (LCSH): Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-1914)
Issue Date: 1929-06
Series/Report no.: Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14, Scientific Reports, Series B: Meteorology
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/36706
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