Volume III: tabulated and reduced records of the Macquarie Island station

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Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_FrontMatter.pdf 1.765Mb PDF View/Open Cover, title page, Preface
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Contents.pdf 238.2Kb PDF View/Open Contents - p. 7-10
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Intro.pdf 435.5Kb PDF View/Open Introductory Remarks - p. 11-14
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_I.pdf 6.522Mb PDF View/Open Table I - Atmospheric pressure - p. 15-86
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_II.pdf 7.050Mb PDF View/Open Table II - Air Temperature - p. 87-158
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_III.pdf 6.296Mb PDF View/Open Table III - Relative Humidity - p. 159-230
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_IV.pdf 6.864Mb PDF View/Open Table IV - Vapour pressure - p. 231-303
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_V.pdf 5.275Mb PDF View/Open Table V - Wind Velocity and Direction - p. 304-353
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_VI.pdf 2.387Mb PDF View/Open Table VI - Percentage Frequency, Wind Direction and Mean Velocity each direction - p. 354-376
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_VII.pdf 455.9Kb PDF View/Open Table VII - Monthly Summary of percentage frequency, wind direction and mean velocity for each direction - p. 377-382
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_VIII.pdf 2.181Mb PDF View/Open Table VIII - Sunshine records - p. 383-415
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_IX.pdf 2.557Mb PDF View/Open Table IX - Cloud Types and Directions - p. 416-450
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_X.pdf 2.734Mb PDF View/Open Table X - Additional Observations - p. 451-487
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_XI.pdf 3.547Mb PDF View/Open Table XI - Daily weather summaries - p. 488-522
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_XII.pdf 1.410Mb PDF View/Open Table XII - Daily synopses from "wireless" reports - p. 523-536
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_XIII.pdf 502.7Kb PDF View/Open Table XIII - Records made at Lusitania Bay - p. 537-542
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Table_XIV.pdf 153.1Kb PDF View/Open Table XIV - Odd records from Elevated Stations - p. 543-544
Austral_Ant_Ex_v3_Plates.pdf 3.934Mb PDF View/Open Plates I - IV - p. 545-551

Title: Volume III: tabulated and reduced records of the Macquarie Island station
Creators: Ainsworth, G. F.; Power, H.; Tulloch, A. C.
Contributors: Mawson, Douglas
Subjects (LCSH): Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-1914)
Issue Date: 1929-06
Series/Report no.: Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14, Scientific Reports, Series B: Meteorology
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/36696
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