Interview of Robert W. Wagner by Virginia Tiefel

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Title: Interview of Robert W. Wagner by Virginia Tiefel
Creators: Wagner, Robert W.
Contributors: Tiefel, Virginia
Keywords: International Congress of Schools of Cinema and Television (CILECT)
Subjects (LCSH): Wagner, Robert W. -- Interviews
Ohio State University -- History -- Sources
Ohio State University. Dept. of Photography and Cinema -- History -- Interviews
Photography -- Equipment and supplies
Photography -- Study and teaching -- Interviews
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Ohio State University Archives
Series/Report no.: Ohio State University. University Archives Oral History Program. Ohio State University Oral History Project
Abstract: Professor Robert Wagner led a long, varied, and distinguished career at Ohio State in the field of photography and filmaking. He grew up in Columbus, and studied at OSU. During WWII, he worked on films with the Office of War Information, and then in South America. Returning to Ohio, he worked in Educational Research and at the Ohio Department of Public Welfare, particularly working to improve mental health education in the state. During his career at OSU, Prof. Wagner worked on a number of different filmmaking projects, as well as projects outside OSU, such as for the United States Information Agency. He discusses preservation of older film and photographic equipment; his strong interest in Latin America; his long association with the American Film Institute (AFI); and the organizational history of photography at OSU
Description: (An * indicates a person mentioned prominently) *Dr. Edgar Dale: Pioneer in Audio-Visual Education (pp. 2, 6, 31, 47) -- Sam Spewack: noted playwright, and also director of O.W.I. films (p. 3) -- Nelson Rockefeller: Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs during WWII (p. 3) -- Major Alfred Gordon: wartime commander of a unit making medical training films (p. 4) -- Dr. W. W. Charters: Director of OSU Bureau of Educational Research (p. 7) -- Dr. Frank Tallman: Director of the Ohio Division of Mental Hygiene p. 7 -- Professor W. F. (Bill) Davis: Head of the Department of Photography at Ohio State (p. 10) -- Professor Lloyd Reber: Department of Photography (p. 10) -- Woody Hayes: football coach (pp. 11-12) -- Chic Harley: first football great at OSU (p. 12) -- Andre Bazin: French film theorist (p. 17) -- Sergei Eisenstein: Russian film maker (p. 17) -- Professor Paul Wagner: Professor in the School of Journalism (p. 18) -- Jacob Taylor: Vice-President of Ohio State (p. 18) -- Professor Frank Haskett: first Chair of the Department of Photography (p. 19) -- Professor Joseph Bradford: School of Architecture (p. 19) -- George Eastman: inventor of the Kodak camera (p. 22) -- President John Quincy Adams p. 24 -- Mathew Brady: photographer (p. 24) -- Tom Brokaw: NBC reporter (p. 25) -- George Cukor: film director (pp. 30, 45) -- Marshall McLuhan (p. 31) -- Gilbert Seldes: Annenberg School of Communication (p. 31) -- George Gerbner: Annenberg School of Communication (p. 31) -- B.F. Skinner: Professor at Harvard University (p. 31) -- Sidney Pressey: Professor at Ohio State, and “Father of the Teaching Machine” (p. 31) -- Eugene Ostroff: physicist (p. 32) -- Ned Brooks: newsman (p. 32) -- im Katz: prominent in preservation and restoration of historic films (p. 35) -- Jeff Light: filmmaker (p. 35) -- President Harold Enarson (p. 36) -- Hiram Bingham: discoverer of Machu Picchu in Peru (p. 37) -- Alfred Hitchcock: film director (p. 38) -- *Charlton Heston: actor (pp. 38-39) -- Lydia Heston: photographer (p. 38) -- George Stevens: director (pp. 38-39) -- Frank Capra: director (pp. 38, 54) -- George Seaton: director (p. 39) -- Robert Wise: director (p. 39) -- Robert Redford: actor and director (p. 39) -- Oliver Stone: director (p. 41) -- Truman Capote: author (p. 41) -- Eugene Weigel: early director of the OSU Marching Band (p. 47) -- Keith Tyler, expert in broadcast education (p. 47) -- William McDonald: Professor of Ancient History (p. 48) -- Henry Sims: Professor of History (p. 48) -- Homer Carey Hockett: Professor of History (p. 49) -- James Cromwell: actor (p. 54) -- John Corbally: Provost (p. 54) -- Richard Ross: benefactor, Ross Laboratories (p. 57) -- Lucy Caswell: curator of the Cartoon Library (p. 58)
Other Identifiers: SPEC.RG.40.138
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