sims[city]:unleash easton

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Title: sims[city]:unleash easton
Creators: Sims, Katie
Advisor: Jones, Kay Bea
Issue Date: 2008-06
Abstract: I will develop an experiential installation that produces social and emotional displacement. The installation has become a genre within the realm of art and architecture, and in order to design in respect to the issues I am interested in, I must understand the notion of the genre and what techniques its sub-genres represent. I will begin by researching precedents for selected art and architectural installations while examining how psychological effects are involved in the arousal of emotional responses. My research then becomes a critical productive tool to the design of my final installation, by examining the success or failure of my colleagues then utilizing this knowledge to direct my design objectives. My research will conclude with a catalogue of relevant precedents within the genre of installations and its techniques, any of which may instigate the design of my own installation. My interest in social and emotional displacement regards the idea of creating environments which provoke a reaction against the normative for a determinant, controlled response. This encounter with art alters a person’s intuitive response to an environment, and an emotional reaction occurs. Is it possible to control an environment similar to those found in today’s popular video games where you choose your character and control their interaction with their surrounding environment? These ideas will be formulated into a joint project for both the public art seminar held through the Arts College on public space and the Architecture Honors studio. Interests which arise from research into displacement will be applied to the design of my final installation, and its relation to the site, to be selected somewhere within The Easton Town Center (ETC). As a part of the art seminar, a site (ETC) outside of the Knowlton School of Architecture and The Ohio State University is available for the investigation into issues involving populations outside of the college community. The installation will deal with the issues surrounding social and emotional displacement and their relationship with the American shopping mall, the New Urbanism ideal and other utopian ideologies for which the ETC is designed. This sims[CITY] will be a tangible encounter with ETC as a provocative architectural installation.
Embargo: No embargo
Series/Report no.: The Ohio State University. Department of Architecture Honors Theses; 2008
Keywords: Architecture
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