Transport and Ecotoxicity of C60 Fullerenes in the Terrestrial Environment

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Title: Transport and Ecotoxicity of C60 Fullerenes in the Terrestrial Environment
Creators: Baird, Kevin
Advisor: Lenhart, John J.
Issue Date: 2008-06
Abstract: With uses ranging from ingredients in sunscreen and tires to applications in soil remediation and organ specific drug delivery, the use of engineered nanomaterials is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern society. Unfortunately, very little is known about the transport of these materials in soil or the resulting ecotoxicity and only a handful of studies have been done in this area. Soil column tests were performed to assess the affect of pH on the transport of these particles through porous medium. Using a commercially available sand (Accusand) as the porous medium tests were conducted at pH 5 and pH 9. Results indicated that a difference in particle surface charge at the respective pH levels greatly impacted transport of the fullerenes. No breakthrough was observed at pH 5 while approximately 60% breakthrough occurred at pH 9. Reproduction tests were performed on enchytraeid worms (Enchytraeus crypticus) to assess ecotoxicity. Tests were conducted using fullerene concentrations of 1% and 0.1% by weight in a sandy soil. Results indicated that fullerenes have no impact on Enchytraeus crypticus reproduction.
Embargo: No embargo
Series/Report no.: The Ohio State University. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science Honors Theses; 2008
Keywords: fullerenes
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