THE $10\mu$ SPECTRUM OF $CD_{4}$

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Title: THE $10\mu$ SPECTRUM OF $CD_{4}$
Creators: Hilico, J. C.; Loete, M.; Valentin, A.; Henry, L.; Chazelas, J.
Issue Date: 1982
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The infrared spectrum of totally deuterated methane $CD_{4}$ in the region from $930 cm^{-1} to 1180 cm^{-1}$ has been recorded under high resolution $(0.003 cm^{-1})$. i) The ground-state scalar rotational constants have been determined from the analysis of ground state combination differences: $B_{o} = 2.632729(B) cm^{-1}; D_{o} = 2.7635(45)10^{-5} cm^{-1}; H_{o}=0.869(90) 10^{-9} cm^{-1}$. ii) The $\upsilon_{2}$ and $\upsilon_{4}$ bands have been reanalysed on the basis of a complete third-order hamiltonian. A set of only 16 new parameters is used to fit more than 1600 lines with a standard deviation of $0.004 cm^{-1}$. The most relevant upper state constants are: $ \begin{array}{ll} \upsilon_{2} = 1091.663 cm^{-1} & \upsilon_{4} = 997.876 cm^{-1}\\ \Delta B_{2} = - 0.755 10^{-3} cm^{-1} & \Delta B_{4} = 0.122 10^{-3} cm^{-1}\\ \zeta_{24} = 0.66322 & \zeta_{4} = 0.34020 \end{array}$ iii) 171 lines of the $\upsilon_{4}$ band of $^{13}CD_{4}$ have been assigned. Using the ground-state and $\upsilon_{2}$ constants of $^{12}CD_{4}$, these lines are reproduced with a standard deviation of $0.0012 cm^{-1}$. The obtained constants are : $ \begin{array}{ll} \upsilon_{4}=989.251 cm^{-1} & \Delta B_{4} = 0.413 10^{-5} cm^{-1}\\ \zeta_{4} = 0.3570 & \zeta_{24} = 0.6547 \end{array} $
Other Identifiers: 1982-TE-4
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