ANALYSIS OF $\upsilon_{2}$ OF $H_{2}Se$

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Title: ANALYSIS OF $\upsilon_{2}$ OF $H_{2}Se$
Creators: Lane, Wm. C.; Edwards, T. H.; Gillis, James R.; Bonomo, Francis S.; Goldman, A.; Murcray, F. J.
Issue Date: 1982
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The spectrum of $\upsilon_{2}$ of $H_{2}Se$ was run on the univ. of Denver 50 cm FTIR spectrometer system. The procedure used to analyze the spectrum was similar to that given above for the analysis of $\upsilon_{2}$ of $H_{2}S$. Transitions were observed for all of the stable isotopes of selenium, viz; 82(9%), (80)(50%), 78(24%), 77(7%), 76(9%), 74(1%). We analyzed the isotopic species separately and also simultaneously using a linear mass dependency for both the ground state and upper state A, B, and C, and including a quadratic mass dependency for $\upsilon_{0}$.
Other Identifiers: 1982-TE-11
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