THE $B \rightarrow X$ TRANSITION IN HgI

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Title: THE $B \rightarrow X$ TRANSITION IN HgI
Creators: Viswanathan, K. S.; Tellinghuisen, Joel
Issue Date: 1982
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The $B \rightarrow X$ spectrum of HgI is studied for the single isotopic species, ${^{200}Hg}^{127}I$ and ${^{200}Hg}^{129}I$. The analysis is in essential agreement with Wieland's $work,^{1}$ but with a decrease in the v"" numbering by one unit. At high v"" our assignments deviate from Wieland's in a manner that leads to a reduction in the estimated ${{\cal D}_ e}^{""}$ value, just as occurs for HgBr. Here also we can give only a rough upper bounds, ${{\cal D}_e}^{""} \leq 2900 cm^{-1}$, because the theoretical limiting long-range behaviour is not yet attained for our highest assigned v"" level. Franck-Condon calculations indicate that ${R_{e}}^{""}$ is larger than ${R_{e}}^{""}$ by $0.49 \AA$. Our spectra are too congested to permit a rotational analysis. However, for our relative potential configuration, ${B_{v}}^{'} \simeq {B_{v}}^{""}$ for v""=23-25, predicting sharp spikes in the v'-v"" bands involving these v"" levels, in agreement with observation. We are presently trying to extend the assignments through this region to higher v"", where simple violet-degraded bands occur, in order to determine the dissociation energy more precisely.
Description: $^{1}$K. Wieland, Z. Elektrochem. 64, 761(1960).
Other Identifiers: 1982-WF-6
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