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The Troickij Sbornik (Cod. Moskva, GBL, F.304 (Troice-Sergieva Lavra) N 12)

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Title: The Troickij Sbornik (Cod. Moskva, GBL, F.304 (Troice-Sergieva Lavra) N 12)
Creators: Popovski, Josif; Thomson, Francis J.; Veder, William R.
Keywords: F. 304 Troice Sergieva Lavra No. 12, F 310 Undol'skii No. 963; Moscow GIM Voskr.30; Sbornik, Florilegium, Kniazhii izbornik, Izbornik of Tsar Simeon, Bulgarian Nomocanon, Lenten Homiliary
Pandects; Antiochus, monk of Palestine, 7th cent; Alloquia of Zosimas Abbas, Homily on the Widow (1 Timothy 5) of John Chrysostom, Miracle of Archangel Michael in Conas; Kliment, Ohridski, d. 916; Ephraem, Syrus, Saint, 303-373, Paraneisis; John Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407, Zlatostruĭ; Paterikon skitskĭ; Isidore, of Pelusium, Saint, 5th cent.
Troitskii Sbornik
Issue Date: 1988-02
Publisher: William R. Veder, Vakgroep Slavistiek, Katholieke Universiteit, Postbus 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen (Holland)
Abstract: The Troiskij Sbornik, Cod. Moskva, GBL, F.304 (Troice-Sergieva Lavra) No. 12 + F.310 (Undol'skij) No. 963 is an Old Russian manuscript of the late XIIth-early XIIIth century, written and decorated by 7 scribes, probably in Kievan Russia. The manuscript represents an edificational florilegiim, compiled exclusively from Slavic sources, almost all of Old Bulgarian provenance. Note that the two leaves from Undol'skii No. 963 are inserted between folia 54v and 55r of F.304 No. 12.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/28618
ISSN: 0165-1862
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