Plumatella reticulata Sp. Nov. in Ohio (Bryozoa: Phylactolaemata)

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Title: Plumatella reticulata Sp. Nov. in Ohio (Bryozoa: Phylactolaemata)
Creators: Wood, Timothy S.
Issue Date: 1988-06
Citation: The Ohio Journal of Science. v88, n3 (June, 1988), 101-104
Abstract: Plumatella reticulata is a new species of phylactolaemate bryozoan found in at least 13 counties in Ohio. Laboratory rearing and a re-examination of preserved specimens confirm the following features: zooids are recumbent to erect; ectocyst dark and well-sclerotized, with partial internal septa at the base of every branch; tentacles 31 to 34 (x=34, 95% confidence interval = ±2.6); floatoblast broad, with extensive annulus and straight sides, valves almost equally convex; sessoblast with conspicuous pattern of dark, reticulated lines (actually blade-like ridges) across the frontal valve. Colonies have been found from June through October on wood and stone substrates in quiet water. The lophophores of young zooids exhibit a rhythmic flicking action similar to that described for Plumatella casmiana.
Description: Author Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Wright State University
ISSN: 0030-0950
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