Lobarochiton, New Generic Designation for Gryphochiton? Anomalus (Rowley) (Polyplacophora)

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Title: Lobarochiton, New Generic Designation for Gryphochiton? Anomalus (Rowley) (Polyplacophora)
Creators: Hoare, Richard D.
Issue Date: 1976-05
Citation: The Ohio Journal of Science. v76, n3 (May, 1976), 116-118
Abstract: A new generic designation Lobarochiton is proposed for the Lower Mississippian taxon originally described by Rowley (1908) from the Louisiana Limestone of Missouri as Platyceras (?) anomalum. Williams (1943) recognized the polyplacophoran affinities and questionably assigned the taxon to the genus Gryphochiton Gray. Subsequent study of the holotype, a tail valve, has shown the presence of primitive insertion plates and differences in valve shape and outline which distinguish it from other known genera of polyplacophorans. Lobarochiton is assigned to the Family Lepidopleuridae Pilsbry, 1892.
Description: Author Institution: Department of Geology, Bowling Green State University
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/22372
ISSN: 0030-0950
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