THE $E {^{2}}\Pi - X^{2} \Sigma^{+}$ STATE OF CaH / D

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Title: THE $E {^{2}}\Pi - X^{2} \Sigma^{+}$ STATE OF CaH / D
Creators: Tereszchuk, K.; Gordon, Iouli E.; Bernath, P. F.
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Our group has recently investigated the $E^{2}\Pi-X^{2} \Sigma^{+}$ band system of CaH/D, while searching for the elusive double minima electronic states of the $D^{2} \Sigma^{+}-X^{2} \Sigma^{+}$ system. Emission spectra of CaH and CaD, in the visible region, have been obtained by means of a new discharge-furnace source. Calcium metal was placed into an evacuated, alumina tube and heated to a temperature of $600 ^{\circ}$C in a tube furnace. A mixture of argon and hydrogen gas was allowed to flow through the tube and was then excited by a DC electrical discharge. The spectra were recorded using a photomultiplier tube with our Bruker IFS 120 HR spectrometer. We will report improved values for the vibrational and rotational constants of CaH/D.
Description: Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo
Other Identifiers: 2002-RB-02
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