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2001-RH-08.jpg 229.6Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of SPECTROSCOPY AND DYNAMICS OF $I_{2}-Ne^{a}$

Creators: Kerenskaya, Galina; Burroughs, Amy; Heaven, M. C.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The spectroscopy and dynamics of $I_{2}$-Ne have been re-examined using OODR and fluorescence depletion techniques. Action spectra for $I_{2}(B, \nu)-Ne$, detected by monitoring the $I_{2}(B, \nu-1)$ predissociation fragments, show that the $\Delta\nu=-1$ predissociation channel is suppressed for levels above $\nu=33$, and closed for $\nu > 36$. From these data we obtained a revised estimate for the dissociation energy for $I_{2}(B)-Ne$ of $D_{0}=57.5 cm^{-1}$. Action spectra for $I_{2}(B, \nu=34)-Ne$, detected by monitoring $I_{2}(B, \nu=33)$ fragments, revealed a progression of nine inter-molecular vibrational levels that had not been observed previously. These levels have been assigned to T-shaped or line ar geometries of $I_{2}(B, \nu=34)-Ne$. Assignments were based on characteristic vibrational distributions exhibited by the $I_{2}(B, \nu-\Delta\nu)$ predissociation fragments. Fluorescence depletion measurements show that all of the bands in the action spectrum originate from a common ground state level. Furthermore, the one atom cage effect fluorescence from $I_{2}(B)$-Ne can be depleted by transitions from the zero-point level of $I_{2}(X)$-Ne. These observations show that the ground state wa vefunction is delocalized, sampling both the T-shaped and linear configurations of the complex.
Description: $^{a}$Work supported by National Science Foundation.
Author Institution: Emory University; Department of Chemistry, Emory University
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/20172
Other Identifiers: 2001-RH-08
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