LINE MIXING COEFFICIENTS IN THE $\nu_{3}$ BAND OF $^{12}CH_{4}$ AND $^{13}CH_{4}$

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Title: LINE MIXING COEFFICIENTS IN THE $\nu_{3}$ BAND OF $^{12}CH_{4}$ AND $^{13}CH_{4}$
Creators: Benner, D. Chris; Devi, V. Malathy; Smith, M. A. H.; Rinsland, C. P.; Guelachvili, G.; Brown, L. R.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Over 40 high-resolution absorption spectra of methane as previously $described^{ab}$ were recorded. Included in the spectra recorded at Kitt Peak were room temperature spectra of methane highly enriched in $^{13}CH_{4}$ broadened by air and having a 5 cm path length. All of these spectra were simultaneously $fitted^{c}$ in order to obtain spectral line parameters in the $\nu_{3}$ spectral region of $^{12}CH_{4}$ and $^{13}CH_{4}$. In order to obtain reasonable fits, it was necessary to include line $mixing^{d}$ within the rotational manifolds. Line mixing was only required between spectral lines of the same species of methane. All of the P branch has been measured and measurement of the R branch is in progress. Mixing coefficients for the two isotopes and the two branches will be compared. It was also possible in a few cases to measure the line mixing coefficients between pairs of spectral lines belonging to the $\nu_{2}+\nu_{4}$ band.
Description: $^{a}$ V. Malathy Devi, D. Chris Benner, M.A.H. Smith, C.P. Rinsland, G. Gu***lachvili and L.R. Brown, Self- and Air-Broadening and Shift Coefficients of $CH_{4}$ lines in the $3 \mu$m Region, this conference (1998). $^{b}$ V. Malathy Devi, D. Chris Benner, Mary Ann H. Smith, Curtis P. Rinsland, Guy Gu***lachvili and Linda R. Brown, Temperature Dependence Of Air-Broadening and Shift Coefficients in the $\nu_{3}$ Band of $^{12}CH_{4}$, this conference (1998). $^{c}$ D.C. Benner, C.P. Rinsland, V. Malathy Devi, M.A.H. Smith and D. Atkins, JQSRT 53, 705-721 (1995). $^{d}$ D.C. Benner, A Multispectrum Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting Technique: Inclusion of Line Mixing, this conference (1998).
Author Institution: Department of Physics, College of William and Mary; Atmospheric Sciences Division, MS 401A, NASA Langley Research Center; Laboratoire de Physique Moleculaire et Applications, CNRS, Universite Paris Sud; Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Other Identifiers: 1998-WF-13
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