THE DEPERTURBATION OF THE $2^{1}\Delta_{g}$ AND $G^{1}\Pi_{g}$ STATES OF $^{7}Li_{2}$

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Title: THE DEPERTURBATION OF THE $2^{1}\Delta_{g}$ AND $G^{1}\Pi_{g}$ STATES OF $^{7}Li_{2}$
Creators: Qi, Jianbing; Wang, X.; Lyyra, A. M.; Li, Li
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The $^{7}Li_{2} G^{1}\Pi_{g}$ is badly perturbed by both $^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{g}$ states as well as the $2^{1}\Delta_{g}$ state. By using Optical-Optical Double Resonance through $G^{1}\Pi_{g}\sim 2^{1}\Delta_{g}-A^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{u}-X ^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{g}$ scheme, we observed a series of vibrational-rotational states of the $2^{1}\Delta_{g}$ state through the perturbations of the $G^{1}\Pi_{g}$ state. We have observed the $G^{1}\Pi_{g} v=15 \sim 2^{1}\Delta_{g}v=5; G^{1}\Pi_{g} v=12\sim 2^{1}\Delta_{g} v=3;G^{1}\Pi_{g} v=11\sim 2^{1}\Delta_{g} v=2$ bands and have deperturbed these bands with standard deviations comparable to the experimental error. The $G^{1}\Pi_{g}$ state $perturbations^{a}$ are partially due to this L-uncoupling interaction between the $G^{1}\Pi_{g}$ and the $2^{1}\Pi_{g}$ states.
Description: $^{a}$ K. Urbanski, S. Antonova, A.M. Lyyra, Li Li, B. Ji, J. Chem. Phys., in press.
Author Institution: Physics Department, Temple University; Department of Modern Physics, Tsinghua University
Other Identifiers: 1998-FB-10
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