The $\nu_{3} \nu_{2}$ difference band spectrum of ozone

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Title: The $\nu_{3} \nu_{2}$ difference band spectrum of ozone
Creators: Birk, M.; Wagner, G.; Flaud, J.- M.; Hausamann, Dieter
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: 326 lines in the $\nu_{3} \nu{2}$ difference band of ozone in the region $290 - 380 cm^{-1}$ have been measured and analysed. Compared to earlier calculations [1], the transition moment fitted from this data was derived to be -0.018836(91) D. This value is about 10\% larger than the theoretical value of -0.0171 D. Resulting line strengths are about 20\% larger than the values used in the HITRAN atmospheric database [2].
Description: $^{1}$ J.-M. Flaud al., ``Atlas of ozone spectral parameters from microwave to medium infrared'', Academic Press (1990). $^{2}$ L. S. Rothman et al., ``The HITRAN molecular database: editions of 1991 and 1992'', JQSRT 48, 469 (1992).
Author Institution: a) DLR Institute of Optoelectronics, German Aerospace Research Est.; b) Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Laboratoire de Physique Mol\'{e}culaire et Atmosph\'{e}rique
Other Identifiers: 1993-ME-13
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