THE $^{3}\Pi_{\infty} \leftarrow X ^{3} \Delta_{1g}$ BAND SYSTEM OF JET-COOLED $TI_{2}$

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dc.creator Doverstal, M. en_US
dc.creator Lindgren, B. en_US
dc.creator Sassenberg, U. en_US
dc.creator Arrington, C. A. en_US
dc.creator Morse, Michael D. en_US 2006-06-15T18:47:23Z 2006-06-15T18:47:23Z 1993 en_US
dc.identifier 1993-FA-3 en_US
dc.description $^{1}$ M. Doverst\""{a}l, B. Lindgren, U. Sassenberg, C. A. Arrington, and M. D. Morse, J. Chem. Phys. 97, 7087 (1992). $^{2}$ C. W. Bauschlicher, jr., H. Partridge, S. R. Langhoff, and M. Rossi, J. Chem. Phys. 95, 1057 (1991). en_US
dc.description Author Institution: Department of Physics, Stockholm University; Department of Chemistry, University of Utah en_US
dc.description.abstract A band of jet-cooled $^{43}Ti_{2}$ has been located in the near infrared by resonant two-photon ionization $spectroscopy.^{1}$ Rotational analysis has shown the band to be an $\Omega^{\prime}=0^{*} \leftarrow \Omega^{\prime \prime} =1$ transition, which is consistent with the $^{3}\Delta_{g}$, ground state proposed by Bauschlicher $et al.^{2}$ The band is assigned as a $^{3}\Pi_{\infty} \leftarrow X ^{3} \Delta_{1g}$, transition, and lower and upper state bond lengths have been determined as $r_{u}(X ^{3}\Delta_{g}) = 1.9422 \pm 0.0008$ {\AA} and $r_{o}(^{3}\Pi_{u}) = 1.997 \pm 0.009$ {\AA} ($1\Sigma$ error limits, corrected for spin-uncoupling effects). Comparisons are made to the TiV, $V_{2}$ and $Ti_{2}$ molecules, and a rationale for the unusual filling order of the 3d-based molecular orbitals is provided. en_US
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dc.publisher Ohio State University en_US
dc.title THE $^{3}\Pi_{\infty} \leftarrow X ^{3} \Delta_{1g}$ BAND SYSTEM OF JET-COOLED $TI_{2}$ en_US
dc.type article en_US