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1988-RE-11.jpg 110.7Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of PRODUCTION AND PHOTODETACHMENT STUDIES OF $Li_{2}^{-}$

Creators: Sarkas, H. W.; Arnold, S. T.; McHugh, K. M.; Patel-Misra, D.; Eaton, J. G.; Lee, G. H.; Bowen, K. H.
Issue Date: 1988
Abstract: $Li_{2}^{-}$ is among the simplest and yet most elusive of molecular negative ions. To produce this anion, we have utilized a high temperature seeded nozzle expansion ion source in which a mixture of sodium and lithium is vaporized and expanded with argon as a carrier gas. Directly outside the nozzle a negatively biased filament injects low energy electrons into the expanding jet, inducing the formation of negative ions. Recently, we have used this source to generate mass selected $Li_{2}^{-}$ ion currents of 10-50 pamp. We have used a combination of sodium and lithium as a feedstock in the source in order to take advantage of the positive deviations from ideality which occur for lithium vapor in such mixtures. This substantially reduces the necessary operating temperature of the source. Progress in our efforts to record the negative ion photoelectron spectrum of this anion will be discussed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/17584
Other Identifiers: 1988-RE-11
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