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1988-FB-12.jpg 98.48Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of THE MICROWAVE SPECTRUM OF $SiF^{+}$

Creators: Petrmichl, R. H.; Peterson, K. A.; Woods, R. C.
Issue Date: 1988
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: We have observed the pure rotational spectrum of the $SiF^{+}$ ion in magnetically enhanced abnormal glow discharges in $SiF^{4}/Ar$ mixtures. Transitions up to the $J - 11-12$ near 500 -GHz were observed and used to determine the usual Dunham expansion constants for a diatomic molecule. The ion yields fairly intense spectra (comparable to those of $HCO^{+})$ and also has a fairly hot vibrational distribution. Thus we have been able to observe transitions for v = 0 to 12 for the main isotopic form and $v = 0 = 3$ for $^{29}SiF+$ and $^{30}SiF+$ so far. The spectrum was initially located by using our ab initio prediction of the structure at the $MP_{4}$ level with a large basis $set.^{1}$ We also used a quadrupole mass spectrometer system to optimize the production of $SiF^{+}$ before beginning the search for the microwave spectrum.
Description: $^{1}$ K. A. Peterson and R. C. Woods (to be published).
Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin
Other Identifiers: 1988-FB-12
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