The Microwave Spectrum of the $PH_{2}$ Radical

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Title: The Microwave Spectrum of the $PH_{2}$ Radical
Creators: Kajita, Masatoshi; Endo, Yasuki; Hirota, Eizi
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The rotational transitions of the $PH_{2}$ radical in the ground state were observed in the sub mm-wave region $(320 \sim 410 GHz)$. Sixty one fine and hyperfine components were measured for the four Q-branch transitions and one R-branch transition. The $PH_{2}$ radical was produced by the following reaction. $(PH_{3} + O_{2}) dc disch$ From the observed spectra, combined with the data in the mm-wave region (under 300 GHz), infrared region, and optical region obtained by other workers[1]. rotational constants, spin-constants were obtained with good accuracy.
Description: Ref. 1) Y. Endo, S. Salto. and E. Hirota. J. Mol. Spectrosc. 97 204-212 (1983) and references cited in there
Author Institution: Institute for Molecular Science Myodaiji
Other Identifiers: 1987-WE-12
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