ZEEMAN SPLITTING OF THE $A^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{u} - b^{3}\Pi_{u}$ PERTURBED LEVELS OF $^{6}Li_{2}$

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dc.creator Bernheim, R. A. en_US
dc.creator Gold, L. P. en_US
dc.creator Jeng, W. H. en_US
dc.creator Xie, X. en_US
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dc.date.issued 1986 en_US
dc.identifier 1986-MF-12 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1811/16929
dc.description $^{1}$X. Xie and R. W. Field, Chem. Phys. 99, 337 (1985). Address: Department of Chemistry, Davey Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802. en_US
dc.description Author Institution: en_US
dc.description.abstract The $^{6}Li_{2} A^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{u} (v=2,J=33)$ level is spin-orbit perturbed by the $b^{3}\Pi_{u} (v=9, F_{1e}, N=32)$ $level. ^{1}$ We have studied the effects of magnetic fields up to 5 kG on these perturbed levels using magnetic rotation spectroscopy and sub-Doppler polarization spectroscopy to observe the zero-field separation, Zeeman splittings, and intensity changes of the $(A^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{u}; b^{3}\Pi_{u}) \leftarrow X^{1}\Sigma_{g}^{+}$ spectra. Different M components were selectively observed with different orientations of the magnetic field relative to the laser polarization. en_US
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dc.title ZEEMAN SPLITTING OF THE $A^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{u} - b^{3}\Pi_{u}$ PERTURBED LEVELS OF $^{6}Li_{2}$ en_US
dc.type article en_US