THE $\nu_{2}$ SPECTRUM OF $NH_{3}$

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Title: THE $\nu_{2}$ SPECTRUM OF $NH_{3}$
Creators: Poynter, R. L.; Margolis, J. S.
Issue Date: 1984
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The spectrum of $NH_{3}$ between 720 and $1300 cm^{-1}$ has been analyzed and 489 lines of the $\nu_{2}$ band (up to $J=17$) have been assigned. Molecular vibration-rotation conconstants up to $8^{th}$ order have been determined. The absolute precision of the line positions (as determined from comparison to laser heterodyne measurements made by Sattler et al. and also Hillman et al.) is approximately $50 \times 10^{-6} cm^{-1}$. The RMS standard deviation of the fit to the $8^{th}$ order Hamiltonian is $0.2 \times 10^{-3} cm^{-1}$. 21 lines corresponding to $\triangle K = 3$ have been observed. The interactions producing these so-called ``forbidden'' transitions will be discussed as well as their relative strengths.
Description: J.P. Sattler, L.S. Miller, T.L. Worchesky, J. Mol. Spect. 88, 347 (1981). J.P. Sattler, T.L. Worchesky, J. Mol. Spect. 90, 297 (1981). J.J. Hillman, T. Kostiuk, D. Buhl, J.L. Faris, J.C. Novaco, M.J. Mumma, Optics Letters 1, 81 (1977).
Author Institution: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Other Identifiers: 1984-RE-10
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