THE $\gamma$-SYSTEM OF ${^{14}}N{^{34}}S$

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Title: THE $\gamma$-SYSTEM OF ${^{14}}N{^{34}}S$
Creators: Chandrasekhar, K. S.; Balasubramanian, T. K.
Issue Date: 1984
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Rotational analysis of the 0-0, 0-1 and 0-2 bands of the $\gamma$-system (transition:$C^{2}\Sigma^{+} - X^{2}\Pi_{r}$) of ${^{14}}N{^{34}}S$ has been carried out. The bands, excited in a microwave discharge, had been photographed on a 3.4 m Ebert spectrograph at a reciprocal dispersion of $0.77 {\AA}/mm$. From the analysis molecular constants for the C and X states of the isotopic species ${^{14}}N^{34}S$ have been evaluated. In the fitting procedure the parameters $B^{(1)}_{o eff}, B^{(2)}_{o eff}$ and $P_{o}$ of $C^{2}\Sigma^{+}$ were constrained to their microwave $values^{1}$. The present analysis confirms the weak $predissociation^{2}$ in the $C^{2}\Sigma^{+}$ state. Particularly interesting is the presence of a small spin-splitting in the C state with $\gamma_{o}= +0.0022 cm^{-1}$ for ${^{14}}N{^{34}}S$ which, however, compares poorly with $\gamma_{o}= +0.0055 cm^{-1}$ for the ${^{14}}N{^{34}}S$ $species^{3}$. This large discrepancy might be due to perturbation by a close by ${^{2}}\Pi$ valence state.
Description: $^{1}$ F.J. Lovas and R.D. Suenrem, J Mol. Spectrosc. 93, 416 (1983). $^{2}$ T.K. Balasubramanian, Ph.D. Thesis University of Bombay (1973). $^{3}$ T.K. Balasubramanian and N.A. Narasimha, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 53,128(1974).
Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria; Spectroscopy Division, Research Centre, Bhabha Atomic Research Center
Other Identifiers: 1984-FB-5
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