THE $\nu_{5}$ BANDS OF $^{10}BH_{3}CO$ AND $^{11}BH_{3}CO$

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Title: THE $\nu_{5}$ BANDS OF $^{10}BH_{3}CO$ AND $^{11}BH_{3}CO$
Creators: Cabana, A.; Lambert, L.; Pepin, Claude; Stone, J. M. R.
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: High resolution spectra have been recorded of the $\nu_{5}$ bands of $^{10}BH_{3}CO$ and $^{11}BH_{3}CO$ which occur around $2450 cm^{-1}$ with a resolution of about $0.03 cm^{-1}$. Even under a lower resolution these bands appear to be complicated; these complications arise from the presence of “hot” bands due to $\nu_{5} + \nu_{8} - \nu_{8}$ and also from a Fermi resonance between the $(\nu_{5} = 1)$ and $(\nu_{2} = \nu_{8} = 1)$ levels, both of which have E vibrational symmetry. Many of the K subbands have been analyzed and these results, which will be discussed, have been used not only to obtain good rotational constants but also to further our understanding of these bands.
Description: Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, Universit\'{e} de Sherbrooke
Other Identifiers: 1973-W-07
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