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Creators: Vigil, Jerome A.; Kepka, A. G.; Grossweiner, Leonard I.
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Nanosecond flash photolysis research has been initiated in our laboratory utilizing a frequency doubled 1.06 Nd: YAG laser. Time and spectral resolution for transient species absorbing in the ultraviolet is 5 ns and 10 \AA respectively. Current research includes photodynamic and ultraviolet inactivation of enzymes. Recent work of dye sensitized photoinactivation of lysozyme by eosin shows that singlet oxygen is the major inactivating agent. A 1 as pulse of singlet oxygen is produced by irradiating oxygen-saturated eosin solutions at 530 nm, allowing for mechanisms involving singlet oxygen reactions to be studied. The current status of these and related investigations will be summarized. This work was supported by the Division of Biomedical and Environmental Research, U. S. Atomic Energy Commission on Contract No. AT(11-1) 2217.)
Description: Author Institution: Biophysics Laboratory, Department of Physics Illinois Institute of Technology
Other Identifiers: 1973-AA-11
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