THE $\bar{A}{^{2}}A^{\prime} - \bar{X}{^{2}}A^{\prime\prime}$ SYSTEM OF HNF.

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Title: THE $\bar{A}{^{2}}A^{\prime} - \bar{X}{^{2}}A^{\prime\prime}$ SYSTEM OF HNF.
Creators: Woodman, C. M.
Issue Date: 1969
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The absorption spectrum in the region $3800-5000\AA$ obtained in the flash photolysis of $HNF_{2}$ has been photographed at high resolution. The conclusions of the earlier $workers^{1}$ are confirmed, namely that it is due to HNF, which is bent in both ground and excited states. The band system consists of a single progression in the bending vibration $v_{2}$, and there are prominent ``axis-switching'' effects due to the large change in bond angle. The $\rho$-type doubling is interpreted in terms of interaction between ground and excited states, which correlate with the two (Renner) components of a linear $^{2}II$ state. The $v_{2}{^{\prime}} = 1$ state shows evidence of ``second-order rotational resonance'' with the $v_{3}{^{\prime}} = 1$ state.
Description: $^{1}$ P. L. Goodfriend and II. P. Woods. J. Mol. Spectry 20, 258 (1966).
Author Institution: Division of Pure Physics, National Research Council of Canada
Other Identifiers: 1969-S-9
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