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THE $^{3}\Pi_{i} - X ^{3}\Sigma^{-}$ ELECTRONIC TRANSITIONS OF $OH^{+}$ AND $OD^{+}$

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Title: THE $^{3}\Pi_{i} - X ^{3}\Sigma^{-}$ ELECTRONIC TRANSITIONS OF $OH^{+}$ AND $OD^{+}$
Creators: Merer, A. J.; Horani, M.; Rostas, J.
Issue Date: 1969
Abstract: Analysis of new high resolution photographs of the $A^{3}\Pi_{i} - X ^{3}\Sigma^{-}$ systems of $OH^{+}$ and $OD^{+}$ (in the region $3000-4500{\AA}$) has led to a more complete understanding of the rotational structures of the bands at low quantum numbers. Various rotational perturbations and other irregularities in the A-doubling of the $A^{3}\Pi_{i}$, state can be explained if the $b^{1} \Sigma^{+}$ state is assumed to lie about $1200 cm^{-1}$ above the $A^{3}II$ state. It is probable that interactions between the two $^{3}\Sigma^{-}$ states arising from atomic products $H+O^{+}$ and $O+H^{+}$ cause distortion of the ground state potential energy curve.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/15754
Other Identifiers: 1969-L-6
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