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1967-N-07.jpg 217.5Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of LATTICE VIBRATIONS IN $CdS_{x}Se_{1-x}$ MIXED CRYSTALS.

Creators: Parrish, J. F.; Perry, C. H.; Brafman, O.; Mitra, S. S.
Issue Date: 1967
Abstract: The far infrared and Raman spectra of mixed crystals of CdS/CdSe have been measured. X-ray measurements indicate good quality mixed crystals with well defined lattice constants and no evidence of large scale clustering. Two distinct reststrahlen bands have been observed in the far infrared reflection spectrum and were analyzed with both Kramers-Kronig and damped oscillator models in order to extract the optically active TO mode frequencies. The LO frequencies were obtained from the Raman spectra. The TO mode associated with the CdS increase in frequency and the corresponding LO mode decreases in frequency as the concentration of CdSe increases. The two frequencies merge near 100% CdSe predicting the frequency of the CdS local mode in CdSe. The frequencies of the TO and LO modes associated with the CdSe behave similarly. Transmittance measurements on thin crystals have yielded a consistent assignment for the two phonon combination bands and confirm the existence of the CdS local mode in CdSe.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/15293
Other Identifiers: 1967-N-7
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