EPR SPECTRA OF $N^{15} O^{17}$ AND $N^{15}O^{18}$.

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Title: EPR SPECTRA OF $N^{15} O^{17}$ AND $N^{15}O^{18}$.
Creators: Mills, James; Baird, James C.
Issue Date: 1967
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The paramagnetic resonance spectra of $N^{15}O^{17}(^{2}II_{3/2})$ and $N^{15}O^{18}(^{2}II_{3/2})$ have been observed at 9325 MHz. The resonant magnetic fields for the hyperfine component of the Zeeman transitions were measured with a relative uncertainty of 10 ppm or less, and the hyperfine splittings for $N^{15}$ and $O^{17}$ were determined. Lin and Mizushima's theoretical expression describing the nitric oxide $spectrum^{1}$ has been revised for the cases of the isotope-substituted species; the $O^{17}$ hyperfine interactions were included to second order and the latest value of the spin-orbit coupling $constant^{2}$ was used. The observed spectra were fitted semi-empirically to the resulting expressions. Magnetic hyperfine coupling parameters for oxygen in nitric oxide $(^{2}II_{3/2})$ have been computed using the 23-dimensional SCF CI wave function of $Yamazaki, et al.^{3}$.
Description: James C. Baird is a Alfred P. Sloan Fellow. This research was supported by NSF GP-5125 and the Advanced Research Projects Agency. $^{1}$ C. C. Lin and M. Mizushima, Phys. Rev. 100, 1726 (1955). $^{2}$ T. C. James and R. J. Thibault, J. Chem, Phys. 41. 2806 (1964). $^{3}$M. Yamazaki, M. Sakamoto, K. Hijikata, and C. C. Lin, J. Chem. Phys. 34, 1926 (1961).
Author Institution: Department of Chemistry Brown University
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/15201
Other Identifiers: 1967-D-5
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