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1966-J-02.jpg 103.7Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of VIBRATIONAL SPECTRUM OF METHANESELENOL

Creators: Harvey, Albert B.; Wilson, M. Kent
Issue Date: 1966
Abstract: The infrared spectra of $CH_{2}SeH, CH_{2}SeD, CD_{3}SeH$ and $CD_{3}SeD$ have been investigated from $250 cm^{-1}$ to $4000 cm^{-1}$ in both the vapor and the solid states. The Raman spectra of all four compounds in the liquid phase have been recorded. A complete vibrational assignment and normal coordinate calculation have been carried out. In $CD_{3}SeH$ a large repulsion exists between the methyl wagging mode and the Se-H bending vibration. The far infrared spectrum of $CH_{3}SeH$ has a broad band centered at about $145 \pm 40 cm^{-1}$ which is assigned to the torsional vibration. A height of $320 \pm 40 cm^{-1}$ for the barrier to internal rotation is calculated from the torsional frequency. Present address of Albert B. Harvey: U. S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/15036
Other Identifiers: 1966-J-2
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