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1966-I-09.jpg 115.1Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of THE ABSORPTION SPECTRUM OF $CF_{2}$

Creators: Mathews, C. W.
Issue Date: 1966
Abstract: A band system (near $2500 {\AA}$) attributed to $CF_{2}$ by $Venkateswarlu^{1}$ has been observed in absorption with a high-resolution spectrograph. Rotational analysis of several of the bands confirmed the identity of the carrier, established that the bands are perpendicular-type transitions rather than parallel-type (as was initially $suggested^{1}$), and yielded the geometrical structure of the molecule in both electronic states. Observations of the absorption spectrum at widely different effective vibrational temperatures allowed an unambiguous vibrational analysis of the transitions involving $\nu_{2}$. A search for other electronic transitions of $CF_{2}$ (in absorption) between $9000 {\AA}$ and $1300 {\AA}$ yielded only two systems, near $1500 {\AA}$ and $1300 {\AA}$, which may be attributed to this molecule. In addition, one new transition of CF was identified near $1680 {\AA}$.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/15030
Other Identifiers: 1966-I-9
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