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1966-C-02.jpg 148.3Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of VIBRATION ROTATION BANDS OF $^{15}N^{18}O$

Creators: Griggs, James L., Jr.; Rao, K. Narahari; Jones, L. H.; Potter, R. M.
Issue Date: 1966
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: A high purity sample of the $^{15}N^{18}O$ molecule has been produced, and the absorption spectrum has been studied in the infrared under high resolution. Wavelength measurements and analyses of the 1 - 0 band at 5.58 microns and the 2 - 0 band at 2.81 microns yield the following molecular constants for the $^{15}N^{18}O$ molecule (in $cm^{-1})$. $\begin{array}{lllllll}B_{0}&=&1.5483_{6}&& A_{0}&=& 125_{***}\\B_1&=&1.5330_{4}&&D_{0}&=& 4.7 \times 10^{-6}\\B_{2}&=& 1.5177_{1}&& \omega_{e}&=&1818.94_{8}\\r_{e}&=&1.1507_{0}\textrm{\AA}&&\omega_{e}x_{0}&=&12.84_{7} \end{array}$ ``[FIGURE]'' The linear dependence of the spin orbit coupling constant A upon the vibrational quantum number v agreed with the results found previously for other isotopic species. The theoretical vibrational and rotational isotopic relations were verified within observational accuracy. An overlapping impurity band at 5.43 microns was identified as the 1 - 0 band of $^{15}N^{16}O$ and also analyzed.
Description: Supported, in part, by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission through a contract with The Ohio State University Research Foundation as a joint project between the Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy and Infrared Studies of The Ohio State University Physics Department and the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico. Captain James L. Griggs, Jr., is a student under the AFIT program.
Author Institution: Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy and Infrared Studies Department of Physics, The Ohio State University; Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, University of California
Other Identifiers: 1966-C-2
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