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Title: BAND CONTOURS OF $H_{2}O$ AND $SO_{2}$.
Creators: Bell, S.; Naugle, N. W.; Coon, J. B.
Issue Date: 1965
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: A rigid asymmetric rotor program is tested by calculating contours for bands of water vapor and sulfur dioxide. Contours for type A, B, and C bands calculated for a series of values of the excited state rotational constants are compared with observed contours of the 1240 {\AA} band of $H_{2}O$ and the corresponding band of $D_{2}O$. The previous assignment as a type C band is confirmed and a determination of the geometrical structure of the excited state is made. A type C band contour has been calculated for the 3880 {\AA} band of the absorption spectrum of $SO_{2}$ vapor. In agreement with observation this contour shows an intense, sharp peak about $25 cm^{-1}$ toward the violet of the principal maximum. A previously calculated symmetric rotor contour does not show this peak. Supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
Description: Author Institution: Department of Physics, Texas A\&M University
Other Identifiers: 1965-D-4
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