THE $^{1}A^{\prime \prime} \rightarrow ^{1}A_{1}$ TRANSITION OF FORMALDEHYDE.

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Title: THE $^{1}A^{\prime \prime} \rightarrow ^{1}A_{1}$ TRANSITION OF FORMALDEHYDE.
Creators: Henderson, J. R.; Muramoto, M.
Issue Date: 1965
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Bands of the $^{1}A^{\prime \prime} \rightarrow ^{1}A_{1}$ system of HCHO have been photographed in absorption at $190^\circ K$ and in emission at $600^{\circ} K$. Twenty new bands in the absorption system are assigned. The electronic origin is discussed, and an average value of $28,193 cm^{-1}$ is reported. The $\alpha_{10}$ band in emission is shown to consist of two overlapping bands with origins at 27,035 and $27,025 cm^{-1}$, and assignments of $(0-00)^{1} \rightarrow (010)^{\prime \prime}$ and $(0+00)^{1} \rightarrow (100)^{\prime \prime}$, respectively are suggested. Barrier heights in the $^{1}A^{\prime \prime}$ states of HCHO and DCDO are calculated to be $385 cm^{-1}$ and $386 cm,^{-1}$ implying equilibrium values of $20.7^{\circ}$ and $26.4^{\circ}$, respectively, for the out-of-plane bending angles. Some observations about the nature of the electronic transition are made.
Description: Author Institution: Solid and Fluid Physics Department, Douglas Aircraft Company
Other Identifiers: 1965-D-2
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