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Title: $F^{19}$ SPIN-ROTATION INTERACTION IN $OF_{2}{^{\ast}}$
Creators: Flygare, W. H.
Issue Date: 1964
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Half-widths at half-height of 10-12 kc have been achieved in a high-resolution study of the spin-rotation multiplets in the microwave spectrum of $OF_{2}$. Several transitions in the J = 9-14 region have been completely resolved yielding the diagonal elements of the spin-rotation interaction tensor. The values in kc along the principal inertial axes are $M_{aa} =-385, M_{bb} =-120$, and $M_{cc} =-83$. These values give the best fit of the experimental data assuming a rigid molecule. A complete analysis of the data acknowledging the vibration-rotation interactions is in progress. Various aspects of the spin-rotation interaction and its relation to the chemical shift and bonding properties of the molecule will be discussed.
Description: $^{\ast}$ Acknowledgement is made to the National Science Foundation for support of this research.
Author Institution: Noyes Chemical Laboratory, University of Illinois
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/14683
Other Identifiers: 1964-T-05
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