THE 15 MICRON $CO_{2} BANDS^{\ast}$

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Title: THE 15 MICRON $CO_{2} BANDS^{\ast}$
Creators: Gordon, Howard R.; McCubbin, T. K., Jr.
Issue Date: 1964
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The spectrum of $CO_{2}$ in the region of its fundamental perpendicular vibration has been studied. Bands involving the $000, 01^{1}0, 02^{0}0, 02^{2}0, 10^{0}0, 11^{1}0$ and $03^{1}0$ levels have been measured using a high resolution vacuum prism echelle spectrometer capable of resolving $.08 cm^{-1}$ and of an accuracy of absolute wavelenght measurement of $.005 cm^{-1}$. These studies yield values of various molecular constants including band origins, $\Delta B$ values, $g_{22}, q_{01}^{1}0, \alpha_{1}, \alpha_{2}$ and $k_{122}$.
Description: $^{\ast}$ This research was supported by the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Office of Aerospace Research.
Author Institution: Physics Department, The Pennsylvania State University
Other Identifiers: 1964-O-07
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