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1962-G-04.jpg 120.9Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of THE INFRARED SPECTRUM OF $v_{3}$ (732 $CM^{-1}$) OF METHYL CHLORIDE$^{\ast}$

Title: THE INFRARED SPECTRUM OF $v_{3}$ (732 $CM^{-1}$) OF METHYL CHLORIDE$^{\ast}$
Creators: Holladay, T. M.; Nielsen, A. H.
Issue Date: 1962
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The low-frequency fundamental bands (ca. $13.7\mu$) of methyl chloride have been resolved for both isotopic species of chlorine. By subtracting `pure' $CH_{3}Cl^{23}$ line intensities from the normal mixture of $CH_{3}Cl^{35}$ and $CH_{3}Cl^{37}$, 118 frequencies for the chlorine 35 and 97 frequencies for the chlorine 37 isotopic species have been identified. A least-squares fit of these data to the standard combination relations derived from the symmetric top formula is being calculated by The University of Tennessee Computing Center, and values of the following molecular constants will be obtained for $CH_{3}Cl^{35}$ and $CH_{3}Cl^{37}: \nu_{o}, B^{\prime\prime}, B^{\prime\prime}-B^{\prime}$, and $D_{j}$. The fundamental parallel and perpendicular bands at ca. $6.9\mu, 7.4\mu$, and $9.8\mu$ have been resolved also and calculations of molecular constants are in progress.
Description: $^{\ast}$Supported by the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories.
Author Institution: Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee
Other Identifiers: 1962-G-4
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