HIGH RESOLUTION STUDY OF THE $\nu_{8}, \nu_{10}$, and $\nu_{11}$ BANDS OF CYCLOPROPANE-$D_{6}$

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dc.description Author Institution: Department of Physics, The Pennsylvania State University; Laboratoire de Physique Mol\'{e}culaire et Applications CNRS, Universit\'{e} Pierre et Marie curie en_US
dc.description.abstract The perpendicular infrared bands of the $E^{\prime}$ vibrations of $C_{3}-B_{5}$ were measured on a large FT spectrometer at resolution approaching the Doppler limit. The unperturbed $\nu_{11}$ band provided the most extensive data yielding 867 combination differences for a determination of accurate ground state constants $B_{0}$ and $D_{J}$. These were combined with highly accurate values of $C_{0}-B_{0}$ and $D_{JK}$ recently determined by Baudar {et al.} from an FTMW measurement of the rotational spectrum: $ B_{0} = 0.4613514(4), C_{0} = 0.3182425(4), D^{0}_{J}= 3.7868(18) \times 10^{-7}, D^{0}_{JK} = -3.7395(7) \times 10^{-7}$ (all $in cm^{-1}$ units). The $\nu_{10}$ band was found to have an appearance of a parallel band due to an accidental match of the values of $(C \zeta)_{10}$ and $B^{\prime}- C^{\prime}$. The $\nu_{9}$ band exhibits a perturbation in its P-branches due to Fermi resonance with $2 \nu^{2}{14}$. Spectroscopic constants for the upper states $\nu_{1}1, \nu_{1}0, \nu_{9}$, and ${^{2}}\nu_{2}^{14}$, obtained from a detailed rotational analysis of the three bands will be reported. en_US
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dc.title HIGH RESOLUTION STUDY OF THE $\nu_{8}, \nu_{10}$, and $\nu_{11}$ BANDS OF CYCLOPROPANE-$D_{6}$ en_US
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