The $V_{3} = 1$ vibrational level In $C_{2}H_{2}$

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Title: The $V_{3} = 1$ vibrational level In $C_{2}H_{2}$
Creators: Auwera, J. Vander; Hurtmans, D.; Carleer, M.; Herman, M.
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: We have used a Bruker Fourier transform interferometer IFS120HR to record spectra at high resolution of various bands reaching the entire set of levels interacting with $V_{3}$ - 1 through Fermi or l-type couplings. Their rotational structure was assigned and the various interactions were departurbed using a full matrix approach. Absolute line intensity measurements were performed for the rotational lines in the two bands observed around 3$\mu$m and processed with a home made computer program taking into account the various Doppler, pressure and instrumental line shapes. The corresponding induced dipole moments were derived through both an effective treatment, Involving Herman-Wallis factors, and the full matrix treatment, including the various rovibrational couplings taken into account for the energy deporturbation. The results and their accuracy will be discussed.
Description: Author Institution: Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, Mol\'{e}culaire Universit\'{e} libre de Bruxelles
Other Identifiers: 1992-TA-04
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