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1985-WF-02.jpg 85.27Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of CAVITY-LOCKED DIODE LASER SPECTROMETER

Creators: Reich, M.; Schieder, R.; Clar, H.- J.; Winnewisser, G.; Yamada, Koichi M. T.
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Diode lasers have been used for high resolution molecular spectroscopy because of its relative ease of handling. However the accuracy of the measurement and the sensitivity of the diode laser spectrometer are limited by the frequency instabilitiy of the free-running diode. Therefore, in the present work we locked the diode laser to a fringe of a Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI). By tuning the optical path length of the FPI, now the fringe-locked diode laser can be scanned. Since the frequency jitter of the laser can almost be removed, the obtained spectra are practcally free from noise, which implies that the usual noise observed in unlocked diode laser spectra are caused essentially by the frequency instability of the diode. The detail of the method and applications, which are now in progress, will be presented.
Description: Author Institution: Erstes Physikalisches Institut, Universit\""{a} t zu K\""{o}ln
Other Identifiers: 1985-WF-2
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