HYPERFINE SPLITTING OF $2^{3}\Pi_{g}$, $3^{3}\Pi_{g}$ AND $2^{3}\Pi_{g}-2^{1}\Pi_{g}$ MIXED LEVELS OF $Na_{2}$

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Title: HYPERFINE SPLITTING OF $2^{3}\Pi_{g}$, $3^{3}\Pi_{g}$ AND $2^{3}\Pi_{g}-2^{1}\Pi_{g}$ MIXED LEVELS OF $Na_{2}$
Creators: Li, Li; Field, R. W.
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The hfs of some $Na_{2}$ $2^{3}\Pi_{g}$, $3^{3}\Pi_{g}$, and $2^{3}\Pi_{g}-2^{1}\Pi_{g}$ mixed levels have been observed by CODR fluoresoence excitation spectroscopy. Both $2^{3}\Pi_{1g}$ and $3^{3}\Pi_{1_{g}}$ levels have no resolved hfs within our OODR excitation resolution. $2^{3}\Pi_{Og}$ and $3^{3}\Pi_{Og}$ levels have hfs and their magnetic dipole hf constants are positive. The $2^{3}\Pi_{g}$ V= $V^{\ast}$-11, J=13, 14 levels are perturbed by the $2^{1}\Pi_{g}$ V=27 levels of the same J. The OODR excitation lines to these perturbed levels from $A^{1}\Sigma_{u}(V^{\prime}=22)-b^{3}\Pi_{Ou}(V^{\prime}=25) J^{\prime}=13,14$ levels have totally resolved hfs. From the intermediate level’s hfs, the magnetic dipole hf constants of these $2^{3}\Pi_{g}-2^{1}\Pi_{g}$ mixed levels have been determined and are negtive.
Description: Author Institution: Qinghai Institute of Salt Lake; Department of Chemistry, MIT
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/12182
Other Identifiers: 1985-RG-1
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