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THE $\nu_{2}= 2, a -\nu_{2} = 1, 3$ SPECTRA OF $^{1-}$NH AND $^{1}$NH$_{3}{^{*}}$

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Title: THE $\nu_{2}= 2, a -\nu_{2} = 1, 3$ SPECTRA OF $^{1-}$NH AND $^{1}$NH$_{3}{^{*}}$
Creators: Sasada, H.; Schwendeman, R. H.; Magerl, G.; Poynter, R. L.; Margolis, J. S.
Issue Date: 1985
Abstract: More than 40 vibration-rotation transitions in the $v_{3} -2,a\leftarrow v_{2} = 1s$ hot bands of $^{14}NH_{4}$ and $^{13}NH_{3}$ have been recorded by using the sidebands on $CO_{2}$ laser lines generated in a CdTe crystal by application of an X-band or P-band microwave electric field. The spectra were observed at Doppler-limited resolution and individual lineshapes were fit to a Voigt profile. The experimental accuracy of the center frequencies is better than $0.00003 cm^{-1}$ in favorable cases. Hot band transitions have also been recorded for $^{1}NH_{3}$ at $0.005 cm^{-1}$ resolution by the Kitt Peak McMath Solar Telescope 1 m interferometer. Similar transitions in $^{15}NH_{3}$ have been obtained at Michigan State University at $0.01 cm^{-1}$ resolution by means of a BOMEM Fourier transform spectrometer. Nearly all of the measured frequencies from the Kitt Peak spectra agree with the sideband laser values to better then $0.00007 cm^{-1}$. Molecular constants for the $v_{2} = 2$, a states for both isotopic species will be reported.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/12175
Other Identifiers: 1985-RF-3
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