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Creators: Loete, M.; Hilico, J. C.
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The line strengths of five bands $(\nu_{2}, \nu_{4}, \nu_{1} + \nu_{4}, \nu_{2} + \nu_{3}, \nu_{3} - \nu_{4})$ of methane $^{12}CH_{4}$ have been analysed on the basis of the general tensorial expansion of the dipole moment operator in $XY_{4}$ $molecules^{(1)}$. The parameters determined from these analyses have been used to calculate the line strengths of several other bands. Using an extrapolation method, the line strengths of the $2\nu_{4} - \nu_{4}, \nu_{2} + \nu_{4} - \nu_{2}, 2\nu_{2} - \nu_{2}$ and $\nu_{2} + \nu_{4} - \nu_{4}$ hot bands have been calculated from the parameters obtained in the $\nu_{4}$ and $\nu_{z}$ analyses. The parameters of the $\nu_{1} + \nu_{4}, \nu_{2} +\nu_{3}$ and $\nu_{3} - \nu_{4}$ bands are connected to those of the $\nu_{1} - \nu_{4} , \nu_{2} - \nu_{3}$ and $\nu_{3} + \nu_{4}$ bands respectively. The line strengths of the last three bands can be predicted from the relations between these parameters. More generally, the relations between the dominant parameters of the transformed dipole moment of $XY_{4}$ molecules will be described and discussed, both for isolated bands or polyads, and the main numerical results for methane will be presented.
Description: (1) M. LOETE, Can. J. Phys. 61, 1242-1259 (1983)
Author Institution: Laboratoire de Spectronomie Mol\'eculaire, Unit\'e de Recherche associ\'ee au CNRS, Universit\'e de DIJON; Laboratoire de Spectronomie Mol\'{e}culaire, Unit\'{e} de Recherche associ\'{e}e au CNRS, Universit\'{e} de DIJON
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/12073
Other Identifiers: 1985-FB-10
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