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Title: $H_{2}$--NOBLE GAS DIMERS
Creators: Waaijer, M.; Jacobs, M.; Meerts, W. Leo; Reuss, J.
Issue Date: 1981
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: $H_{2}$-noble gas dimers $(H_{2}-H_{2}, -Ne, -Ar$ and $-Kr)$ are investigated employing the Ramsey double coil technique to determine the hyperfine structure splittings in the rf-region. A more refined analysis (for earlier work see ref. 1) leads to a very sensitive test of the angle dependent part of the intermolecular potential, for intermolecular distances between the turning points of the bound states. A comparison with potential information from collision experiments will be presented.
Description: $^{1}$ J. Verberne and J. Reuss, Chen. Phys. 50 (1980) 137 and Chem. Phys. 54 (1980) 189
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/11607
Other Identifiers: 1981-RC-8
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