LASER EXCITATION SPECTROSCOPY OF THE $CO{_{2}}^{+} \tilde{B} ^{2}\Sigma^{+}_{u} - \tilde{X} ^{2}\Pi _{g} AND \tilde{A} ^{2}\Pi _{u} - \tilde{X} ^{2}\Pi_{g}$ TRANSITIONS

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Title: LASER EXCITATION SPECTROSCOPY OF THE $CO{_{2}}^{+} \tilde{B} ^{2}\Sigma^{+}_{u} - \tilde{X} ^{2}\Pi _{g} AND \tilde{A} ^{2}\Pi _{u} - \tilde{X} ^{2}\Pi_{g}$ TRANSITIONS
Creators: Johnson, Mark A.; Rostas, J.; Zare, R. N.
Issue Date: 1981
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The extent of mixing between the $\tilde{A} ^{2}\Pi _{u}$ and $\tilde{B} ^{2}\Sigma ^{+}_{u}$ states of the molecular ion $CO{_{2}}^{+}$ is probed using laser excitation spectroscopy. Rotational levels of the $\tilde{B} ^{2}\Sigma ^{+}{_{u}}(0,0,0)$ state are selectively excited with a doubled Rhodamine dye laser (3 GHz bandwidth) which is scanned over the 2890{\AA} ${\tilde{B}} ^{2}\Sigma {^{+}}_{u}(0,0,0)$ band. Filter combinations are used to isolate different emission regions. Fluroescence from these levels is observed in the $3000 - 4500$ {\AA} region, corresponding to the $\tilde{A} - \tilde{X}$ bands. The fraction of the fluorescence quantum yield in the $\tilde{A} - \tilde{X}$ region can be related to mixing coefficients for the coupled A and B states. Approximate mixing coefficients for rotational levels in the vicinity of extra lines are derived for each symmetry component. The $\tilde{A} (2,0,2) - \tilde{X}(0,0,0)$ band is reported for the first time. Its position $1270 cm^{-1}$ to the blue of the $\tilde{B} - \tilde{X}$ origin suggests either strong anharmonic coupling or a new value for $2\nu _{3}^{\prime}$.
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Other Identifiers: 1981-FC-2
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